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Monthly Archive July 11, 2018

Lawn Mowing in Greenville Texas

Lawn Mowing in Greenville Texas

Lawn Mowing in Greenville Texas

Lawn Mowing Services in Greenville Texas – Grass Mowing Greenville TX

With Millikens’ Lawn Mowing in Greenville TX you will find that we provide quality work by a professional crew for all of your lawn care needs. We cut your grass, edge all side walks and driveways, and detail around landscaping and other structures.

Basic lawn mowing starts at $26 for most residential yards and includes mowing, weed eating, edging, and blowing.

Custom packages available!

Call us today for all of your lawn care needs!

Lawn Mowing Services in Greenville Texas

Our Greenville Lawn Mowing and Lawn Maintenance Services include;

  • Lawn Mowing
  • Hedge Trimming
  • Tree Planting
  • Cleaning out flower beds
  • Raking leaves
  • Sod Installation
  • Installation of Seasonal Color and Shrubs
  • Shrub Trimming
  • Flower Bed Mulching
  • Light dirt work

If you are looking for a good, quality and dependable lawn mowing service in Greenville Texas then call Milliken’s today.

A beautiful lawn requires a proper yard maintenance program, including applicable water techniques.

For all of your lawn service in Greenville TX

Call Milliken’s Lawn Mowing Services Today!

Firewood in Caddo Mills TX

Seasoned Oak Firewood in Caddo Mills Texas

Milliken’s Irrigation offers seasoned Oak Firewood in Caddo Mills Texas and surrounding areas.

We have been delivering Firewood for over 10 years and only deliver the best quality Split Seasoned Oak Firewood East Texas has to offer.

Firewood in Caddo Mills Texas

Our logs are cut to 16-18 inches to ensure they will fit any fireplace or wood burning stove.

Contact us today to schedule your delivery!

(214) 478-6335

Split Seasoned Oak Firewood in Caddo Mills Texas

Firewood in Caddo Mills Texas

Full Cord 4×16 ft.  
Half Cord 4×8 ft.  
Quarter Cord 4×4 ft.  

Call for pricing. All prices include delivered and stacked!!!

Call today to schedule your firewood delivery in Caddo Mills Texas!

Milliken’s Irrigation and Lawn Maintenance Services

Christmas Light Installation in Royse City Texas

Christmas Light Installation – Christmas Lights Installers

We provide all types of Christmas light installation in Royse City Texas, for residential and commercial buildings and landscapes. Whether you want the traditional C7, C9 and Mini lights or the newer LED Christmas lights, our Christmas light installers can customize them to your design.

Not looking forward to putting up your Christmas lights?

We Can Help!

Our Christmas lighting installations in Royse City Texas are perfect for homeowners, businesses, churches, schools and more. Our lighting technicians are trained in power usage distribution and offer flexible designs custom fit for your property.

Christmas Light installation Services in Royse City TXChristmas Light installation Services;

  • House Lights
  • Roof Lighting
  • Window Lighting
  • Shrub Wraps & Net Lights
  • Outline Walkways and Paths
  • Flower Beds Lighting
  • Driveway Lighting
  • Wrap Columns
  • Tree Trunk Wraps
  • Ground Lights
  • Canopy Lighting
  • Arch Way Lights
  • …and much more

Professional Christmas light installation services in Royse City Texas

For A Christmas Light Installation Quote or to Discuss Your Design Layouts, Contact Us Today (214) 478-6335 or use our contact form here.