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Sprinkler Systems and Irrigation

Irrigation Systems RockwallSprinkler Systems and Irrigation

Many people find themselves with broken or leaking heads, no pressure, dry spots, a controller that keeps giving you problems, or perhaps a head that needs to be adjusted or added.

Call Milliken’s Irrigation to come to your water rescue today!

Recommended Spring and Summer Service

Summer Special
$59.95 System Check for 8 Zones or Less!

As part of your system check we turn on your system, check for any potential leaks, test the coverage of all your sprinkler heads, ensure your controller is set properly, and get you ready to start watering for our dry season.

Sprinkler Services Provided:Sprinkler Systems Rockwall Texas

  • Check & Adjust Sprinkler Systems
  • Sprinkler Head Repair & Replacement
  • Adjust Sprinkler Heads
  • Sprinkler Valve Locating
  • Sprinkler Valve Replacement/ Rebuild
  • Diagnosing Sprinkler Wire problems
  • Sprinkler System Leak Repair
  • Broken Sprinkler Pipes Repair
  • Sprinkler Coverage/Dry Spot Problems
  • Rain & Freeze Sensor Install
  • Sprinkler Backflow Testing

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